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Watch live streaming video from other_ai at

Announcements:Remember our group exhibition starting March 2, 2012 in Lavardin, France with a performance streamed live over the internet at 7:30 UTC+! in both Munich, Germany and Manno-Lugano, Switzerland. Check out the teaser for the performance.
The program for tonight's performance....I learn You learn He learns.pdf

Announcements:To Black Swans everywhere, thanks. Hope to see you for project exhibition - Introduction to Artistic Intelligence next Mar 2nd.2012.

Announcements: The Last Lectures are up. This time class video is last not first... The sub-site AI raw with the stories of our journey with the Stanford AI class got hacked. It was backed up and will be online agains soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Final Review is available now.

Language is a Virus Part 2
Language is a Virus Part 3

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Why do our robotic dreams seem like nightmares? part 2
Why do our robotic dreams seem like nightmares? part 3
Assignment 9

Annoucements: Review of Week 7 is available. Our Exquisite corpse is also online. The Final is also online so that you can work on it at your leisure. Thanks so much from all the makers to our observers - remember December 20 less than two weeks away. We can't wait to find out what you think ;)

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What is color anyway? part 2
Assignment Week 8

Annoucements: Week 7 is up!

Assignment Week 7

Annoucements: Week 6 is up!Office hours are on Thurs this week 5:30AM UTC+1 and 7:30PM UTC+1 No homework this week but remember OUR GAME as MIDTERM Remember email Aprille to start on the Midterm!
Games in Art are as varied and individual as artist but they do seem to fall into roughly tree catagories
Games as Working Strategy
Modding Games
Conceptual Games

Annoucements: Week 5 is up There maybe a more extensive reading list and other goodies later. Week 4 review is available check out the great work.

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Reenforcing our intuition – Part 2
Assignment Week 5
Announcements: Week 4 is up! As always more links and additions over Sunday. Thanks too to the patient Observers who are silent but potent rocket fuel of our project.

Composition as Planning - Part 2
Assignment Week 4

Announcements: Week 3 is up Makers of the world unite! Over 20 people finished Week 3 inside the DADA Week 2 Review is also available as part of Olomana's Project1 deadline.Look at the summary of Week 1.
More people have done Week 2 assignments before the absurd deadline that all week 1! Check their profiles of courage against dada deadlines!

Kinesthetic Learning - Part 2
Assignment Week 3

Week 2 is up. There maybe a more extensive reading list and other goodies later.. Check back in for updates or Follow AprilleGlo on Twitter

Bayes Re-tooled Part 2: observation as random sampling

Assignment Week 2 
Several people have commented on the short deadlines. The idea is that these are exercises where a CRAPPY result immediately is honestly much better and more productive than a wonderful result later. It is counterintuitive but look honestly what happen with deadlines. They have an almost mystic power. Even with all the resources Stanford can bring to bare its servers crashed because of that immense psychological power of a deadline to motivate action. Is there another way to use deadlines? If so, let us find it.

Continue to Part 2 - The Hall of Mirrors that Plato built...
There was a problem with posted video to youtube the first weekso there are no deadlines lastweek. In re-watching the videos as I uploaded them repeatedly pointed out a conceptual problem as well. Video is good for some things and not so good for others. Over the next two days I will be creating a text and link-based supplement to each section.

Philosophical note: This class is not really about the direct technical problems of any particular art form be it video, drawing, painting, writing or even programing. Artistic Intelligence is about the meta problems that even the video SNAFU illustrates. Technical problems even about technical things like the video uploading correctly aren't really the problem - they are just signs. How do we read them? To change what we are noticing? To notice if we need to change course? The problem of vision isn't just about the bandwidth of our optic nerve...

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19 Responses to

  1. If emotions are considered as a fluid, our actions become the hose which discharge it.
    Making art is also one such action through which we pour out our feelings.
    I often feel using a pencil is like trying to empty a huge dam with a small hose.
    The artistic intelligence assignment of drawing poses within 30secs gave me a chance to break open my flood gates and unleash my artistic potential.
    I was so excited by the very thought and felt like using a special medium to celebrate the opportunity.The turmeric in my kitchen stared at me with an eagerness to get blended under my curious fingers.The combination of my feelings and the unconventional medium of spice resulted in creating a set of artworks in turmeric.

    I am really thankful to Aprille for her bold online initiative of connecting artists and different media all over the globe..

  2. Anita says:

    Thank you so much for this class, Aprille. I loved it so much and will miss it now that it is finished, but I’ll carry everything I’ve learned forever. :)

  3. C.ABBA says:

    I missed this class… I hope there’ll be another session after this one.

  4. Avatar of Cristina Cristina says:

    Dear April,
    thank you so such for the link to Hannah Höch page in Wikipedia that you posted in the assignment review. I saw a retrospective of her work at MOMA many many years ago, and I was really impressed, but I never remembered her name. Her work made me appreciate collage with other eyes. When I clicked the link, I immediately her works came back to me from memory. I always thought that events that allow us to re-appropriate forgotten memories are special.
    Thank you again, (also for diving us into this amazing experience)

  5. Avatar of Bryant Bryant says:

    I have enjoyed the videos and working on the assignments. Thank you for helping expand my world. I look forward to seeing more videos and the creative efforts of people taking the class. As Cecilia said this is stimulating.

  6. Avatar of Cecilia Cecilia says:

    This class is amazing. I loved the videos – soooooo stimulating. Excited about what’s to come.

  7. Avatar of mewton mewton says:

    I can’t see any of the videos, I get a message that says “The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.”, is it some known error or is it just me? I’m just getting worried since the delay for the assignment is so short and I still can’t see the videos and I’ll probably not be able to do it Monday anyway if I can’t access the videos this Sunday.

    Thanks !

  8. Hollander says:

    I’m quite interested in seeing how the use of the Internet changes the perception of the arts. And I have seen examples of it before: two pieces of music (one Japanese pop, one modern classical piece) that both use the Internet as a tool to make music that much cooler :-)

    Eric Whitacre’s “Sleep” (classical):
    Sour (pop):

    If anyone knows other examples of such online art, please let me know.

  9. caligal11 says:

    I am very excited to start this course. has any one taken it in the past?

    • Avatar of admin admin says:

      No, like Stanford Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Introduction to Artistic Intelligence is a experiment into our individual creative awakening..

  10. Wade Evans says:

    I am very excited to be a part of this experiment. Education will never be the same after this!

  11. Nicholas says:

    verry cool, makes me want to put pencil to paper !

  12. shi says:

    Visual Arts is really not my strong suit, but I very much like the idea behind this initiative.

    BTW, this page has been added to the Stanford course resources page (which you probably knew by now).

  13. Nirbhay says:

    Hey, a very cool idea.

  14. Elizabeth says:

    I have just received the “activate your account” email. However, when I clicked the link, it says the webpage cannot be found. The link must be broken. What should I do?

    • Avatar of admin admin says:

      If you received an email with an activate your account link that is a glitch on this end. You should receive a form email saying that more information will be mailed to you at the end of the month. If anyone else has the same problem please leave a comment here or on twitter. Thanks Aprille

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